Whether you are buying or selling a home it is a process that involves the entire family, including your four-legged companions, and each situation comes with its own set of unique rules and potential obstacles. For quick tips on how to successfully maneuver each real estate transaction, read on.

Buyer Considerations

The entire family deserves a say-so as far as your next home goes, but it is a good idea to check with the homeowner or realtor first before showing up with your pooch. The last thing you need is for Fido to get nervous and have an accident on the floor, or become antsy/aggressive due to the strange environment. In addition, the homeowner may have pets of their own, and as you already know, your dog can smell fellow canines from a mile away. Have a family member, friend, or neighbor watch your pooch while you tour potential homes. Suggest that they visit the local off-leash dog park like Turkey Hill or the White Plains Dog Park.

Once you’ve purchased a home, it’s time for the biggest step yet – moving. Hire professional movers to help reduce some of the stress and ensure all of your belongings arrive at their final destination in one piece. With movers present, it might be a good time to ask your prior dog watcher for one last favor to keep your pooch away from the chaos. Should you decide to keep your dog in the home while you move, make sure the movers know where he or she is located so that neither of them gets surprised.

Seller Considerations

As the seller, your goal is to ensure that your home makes a positive first impression, and pet odors, fur, and droppings do just the opposite. While it might sound a little crazy, some people don’t have pets, so it is best to remove all evidence of your pooch and leave it up to the realtor to allude to the fact that the home is pet-friendly. Speaking of the realtor, it is the buyer’s agent who will be showing the home, and it is best if you aren’t present so that that potential buyer feels comfortable to explore and critique. Should a buyer pop in and ask to look at the home, politely ask that they schedule it with their realtor so that you have time to make plans to be out of the home.

Buying and selling a home with a dog in tow doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with these tips and suggestions, it can be a lot easier than you think.

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