I’m Suzie Wilson, and my passion is in helping people organize and style their homes so they’re not only beautiful, but offer a relaxing, stress-free environment to every member of the family.

It’s no secret that stress affects all of us — and sometimes, it feels impossible to escape. I believe that the last place you should feel overwhelmed is your home. Whether you rent or own, occupy an apartment or a mansion, or live alone, with a roommate or with your family, your home should be your haven.

If it doesn’t feel that way now — or if you think there is room for improvement — I’m here to help!

My mission with Happier Home is to offer you insight into how to turn your home into a sanctuary that you’ll not only be happy to come home to, but will actually make you feel better when you’re there. As I’ve always said, “There’s no place like a Happier Home!”


Suzie Wilson is proud to announce that her debut book, The Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your Home for an Open House, is COMING SOON to online retailers and bookstores near you!

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